Pramia Plastic - 100 % quality

Plastic that meets the requirements set for food contact material, made using 100 % Finnish recycled material and 100 % Finnish labor.


Finnish wind power

We are the largest production plant in Finland powered completely by domestic wind energy.


Pioneer in crcular economy

The plastic bottle's new life: we turn waste into plastic that can be used as food contact material.


The most modern in the Nordic countries

Our top-notch production line and the world's best raw materials guarantee high-quality results.


Pramia Packing Straps

The Pramia rPET packing straps are made using only recycled, domestic raw materials and Finnish labor. We have the most modern production line in the Nordic countries, and our factory is entirely wind-powered. Our high-quality plastic packing strap has a very small carbon footprint.

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Pramia Flake

Pramia Flake is a high-quality plastic flake. The world’s best raw material, made from 100% domestic recycled material, guarantees the quality of our PET flakes. We manufacture the flakes in Toholampi, using Finnish labor.

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Pramia Granulate

Pramia Granulate is a top-quality PET plastic granule. The process that makes it suitable for use as food contact material takes eight hours, and the resulting product is comparable to virgin material. Our granulate is 100% Finnish.

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Pramia other fractions

Pramia is a pioneer in circular economy. Not one gram of raw material goes to waste during our production process. We sell the by-products generated in the process, such as aluminum, wire, fine PET and lumps, for further processing to companies that need them.

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