Uniform and high-quality Pramia Flake

Pramia Flake is a uniform and high-quality plastic flake. Our raw material comes from the Finnish bottle recycling system, which is the best in the world.

After receiving the load, we separate the bottles into clear and colored plastic. We crush the bottles after separation, and then we wash them in our own environmentally friendly washing line.

We make both clear and colored PET flakes as well as crushed caps. We use the colored flakes to produce our Pramia rPET plastic strap. The clear flakes are used as raw material for new bottles and by the plastic film industry.

Pramia Flake is a top-quality product. We check the quality of the flakes in our own laboratory. We sell the flake as such and also process it further by granulating it.

Our crushed caps are used as raw material by the injection molding and rotation industry. We also have granulated caps.

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