Other fractions


Pramia by-products – we do not let anything go to waste

Pramia is the largest production plant in Finland powered completely by domestic wind energy. We process a truckload – one million – of plastic bottles a day, which we use to make plastic straps, flakes and granulates. The production process generates by-products that we utilize without the slightest loss in raw materials. As a pioneer in circular economy, not one gram of raw material goes to waste during our production process.

We remove fine PET from the raw material throughout the entire production process. We sell this by-product to the textile industry that processes it further into PET wadding, used for example in furniture, pillows, blankets and fabrics as padding.

We also sell the “big PET” or “lumps” generated in the early stages of the granulation process to the textile industry to use.

Pramia’s production complies with the zero waste policy, and we can rightly say that we are a pioneer in recycling economy.

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